Interview: Traveling and Wellbeing

Last year, Rachel Musselle interviewed me for the Facebook group she manages, “Digital Nomad Translators.” We talked about my career as a translator, my specialization areas, and my travels!

I think she asked really interesting questions and I wanted to share my answers with you, which might help you if you would like to become a digital nomad translator, to specialize in a specific subject or to hire a translator that works with healthcare, wellness, or business communications texts.

🎤 Tell us a bit about yourself. What do you do, what’s your language combination and specialist areas?

I have been working as a freelance English to Spanish translator and editor for almost 6 years now, and I specialize in the areas of healthcare, wellness, and business communication (both internal and external).

I normally translate or edit texts that intend to inform the general public and/or sell products or services to them, such as blog posts, press releases, company emails, brochures, plan descriptions, and handbooks.

I would say that my style is fresh and friendly, and that I prefer translations that require a certain degree of creativity.

🎤 What inspired you to do this job?

When I was around 20 years old, I decided that I wanted to travel… a lot. And that I didn’t want to be a part of the traditional working system, in which you basically have to ask for permission from another adult to use your own time as you please. I wrote all of my dreams down (writing things on paper is magic for me) and decided that I was going to become a full-time freelance translator so I could work from anywhere.

My second big step was to find a specialization I really liked, because, in the beginning, I used to accept any project —just like all of us did, I guess—, which didn’t fulfill me. So I started reading a lot, watched videos, listened to podcasts and finally found my niche: it was wellness.

And I discovered that term while living in California! Because in Argentina, my home country, we don’t even know that concept yet.

But, when I found out that “wellness” was “a thing,” I knew that it was “my thing,” and that I wanted to focus on that in every aspect of my life.

I’m also very creative and I love writing for the general public, that’s why I also work with internal and external business communication texts, too.

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Currently, I can proudly say that I’ve achieved everything I wanted: I’m location independent and I only work on projects that I truly enjoy. As I always say: “Focus is everything!”

[…] when I found out that “wellness” was “a thing,” I knew that it was “my thing,” and that I wanted to focus on that in every aspect of my life.

🎤 What’s been the most interesting project you’ve worked on so far?

All the projects I work on are super interesting (to me)! But I think I would choose two: editing the video subtitles in Spanish for, because I get to learn a lot about nutrition and healthy choices; and translating a book on Organizational Happiness with the help of two colleagues, which was super challenging, interesting, and rewarding!

🎤 Do you have a favourite travel destination? If so, tell us what it is!

Ever since I visited it, my favorite country has been Colombia. I just love their landscapes and their people. However, I still need to visit many, many countries! I want to go to Mexico next, I’m looking forward to visiting their beaches and sinkholes (the “cenotes“)!

🎤 What has been the best thing about travelling on the road and what has been the worst?

Last year, I went to Europe and spent three months on the road —literally, because I was living in a camper van— while working. I had a great time, I got to visit a lot of countries (Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, France, Monaco, and the United Kingdom) and a lot of friends, and I lived plenty of memorable experiences, such as attending The Language Show in London and volunteering in an abandoned military building full of artists and architects in Venice.

However, working on the move was super challenging, too. I didn’t have a proper desk and I couldn’t go to the gym or yoga classes, and my body was aching! Plus, I didn’t always have WiFi, and I couldn’t really focus on my business. It was my first true try as a “digital nomad” and I learned a couple of things:
it is better if you stay in one place for a while,
you should make sure that you will have a proper working space and good WiFi,
and you should try to have some kind of personal routine to take good care of your health and your business while exploring the places you are visiting.

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Thanks for reading!

💭 Is there anything else you would like to know about TRANSLATION, finding your niche, or becoming a digital nomad? Let me know in the comments!

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