September 2019: A Month in the Life of a Freelance Translator

Have you ever wondered what’s a month like in the life of a freelance translator?

Well… September was a great month for me and I’m super grateful for everything that happened! This is a brief summary:


• I worked with 7 different clients, which is the most I’ve ever worked with in my career.

• One of them is a new client, and I’m happy to know that we will keep working together.

• All of the projects I participated in were related to health and wellbeing, such as:

– Mobile content for a meditation app
– Website content for a vascular health clinic
Nutrition guide of a fitness company

– Employees’ newsletter to foster healthy habits
– Several healthy recipes 


• Josh, Virginia, Aylén and I traveled to Córdoba, Argentina, co-worked there and enjoyed its amazing nature.

Córdoba (5)

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• I finally got the certificate for the onsite vegan cooking course I took from May to August this year. 👩‍🍳

• With Josh and Vir, we exhibited on the National Translation Conference held in Rosario, Argentina. We talked about cooperation, self-management and innovation in the translation industry.

• In that same Conference, I got to listen to some interesting presentations related to translation, entrepreneurship and project management.
I also got to meet some cool colleagues!

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• Mati, Fer and I launched Traductores 3.0, our podcast channel (in Spanish) where we’ll share self-growth and positive mindset ideas that we can apply as translators.


Hope you all had an amazing September.
Here’s to an exciting brand new month! 🍻

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