Ying, Yang, Mindset

In this universe, everything is right and wrong at the same time.
Yes and no. True and false. Ying and yang.

Everything has both aspects.

So, in any given situation, things actually go wrong AND right at the same time.



Do you know what makes the difference? Your mindset.


I’ve seen people living the exact same situation and having complete opposite reactions and feelings towards it.

Person A thinks “Yikes, that’s bad news.”
Person B thinks “Wow, this is an exciting opportunity!”


There are many tools out there that can help us develop a healthier mindset, such as

🔹 Meditation and visualization
🔹 Mindfulness
🔹 Artistic activities
🔹 Group sports/activities
🔹 Writing exercises
🔹 Podcasts
🔹 TEDx talks
🔹 Books
🔹 Magazines
🔹 Webinars
🔹 Documentaries
🔹 Coaches
🔹 Regular awesome people

And simply asking ourselves:
What could go right?
What is going right?
What went right?


Wishing you a week full of gratitude,
Maca. 🕊️

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