On January 2019, Lilian Santini, who supports entrepreneurs and companies through marketing strategy and brand design, asked me some cool questions to start "Lingostories," her series of interviews with language professionals. I wanted to share what we talked about with you, in case you were wondering how I chose my niche, what you should do … Continue reading INTERVIEW: TRANSLATION AND WELLNESS

La carta de presentación del traductor

Encontrar trabajo como traductor no es fácil al principio, pero se puede... ¡y es muy gratificante! 💪 Es probable que ya sepas que tenés que tener una buena carta de presentación y un CV efectivo para contactar a las agencias que te interesen. La carta de presentación no es algo que se adjunta en los … Continue reading La carta de presentación del traductor

Interview: Specializing as a Translator

Matías Ortiz, founder of Letras Nómadas, interviewed me for his section called "Charlas de traducción" (Talks on Translation). He asked about plenty of things and the interview is 40 minutes long, so I can't transcribe it completely, but I wanted to share some of the answers, just in case you were wondering how I became … Continue reading Interview: Specializing as a Translator

Interview: Traveling and Wellbeing

Last year, Rachel Musselle interviewed me for the Facebook group she manages, "Digital Nomad Translators." We talked about my career as a translator, my specialization areas, and my travels! I think she asked really interesting questions and I wanted to share my answers with you, which might help you if you would like to become … Continue reading Interview: Traveling and Wellbeing