Services and Docs


Translating from English to Spanish
If you need to translate your project into more languages, I can gather and manage the best team for you

Editing texts in Spanish, comparing them to the original in English

Proofreading texts in Spanish, focusing on the target language

Formatting, in case you don’t have an editable document, to match the original file or to add new languages into the template you send

Post-DTP of final documents in Spanish, comparing them to the original documents in English (if requested)

Transcribing Spanish audio or video files into text files

⚠️ NO AUTOMATIC TRANSLATION. Every project is manually translated to guarantee a natural, fluent and appealing text in the target language.


Examples of documents I’ve worked with

• Healthy recipes
• Nutrition plans for fitness programs
• Health plan descriptions
• Notice of termination of benefits
• Notice of denial/acceptance of a claim
• Guides on how to use a product/medication
• Guides on how to handle a specific medical condition
• Product training guides for salespeople
• Marketing materials for health centers
• Invitations to try new programs/products
• Invitations/Agreements to participate in clinical trials
• Blog posts
• Surveys
• Webinars
• Brochures
• E-Magazines
• Press releases
• Letters
• Newsletters
• Employees’ manuals
• Corporate insights
• Agreements
• Terms and conditions
• Handbooks

Have something else to translate? If your document…
✓ Is aimed at the general public
✓ Requires a non-literal, creative translation
✓ Is about wellness, healthcare, nutrition, fitness or related areas
Then we are the perfect fit!


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